Becoming A Corporate Trainer After College

We live in a world today where the job market comes up with new careers every day. Parents can no longer predict what their children will do in the future. There are jobs today such as content creation for the internet, online trends predicting and social media analyst etc. that did not exist 5 years ago. One such job that started gaining traction in the late 90’s and early 00’s is the corporate trainer. A corporate trainer is someone who goes into corporate entities such as companies and institutions and trains the employees in various skills or imparts some sort of valuable knowledge on a regular basis. This job is extremely lucrative, especially if you are qualified enough to land a big company. Here’s how you become a trainer:

Acquiring Skill and Knowledge

First of all, you need to be well educated, whether that is in book knowledge or life. No one will hire a trainer or teacher who doesn’t know more than the employees of that company. Ideally, the trainer will be someone who has been college educated or with an equivalent qualification and with enough industry or working experience. For instance, a trainer of personal grooming and presentation in the corporate world doesn’t have to have a Masters in Cosmetology but she/he should at least have 5 years’ working experience in the field.

Building a Reputation

Here’s the thing about corporate training: most of the appointments are by word of mouth. Very rarely will you be able to style yourself as one and then get hired. Companies will always look for someone they have heard of or someone they have been recommended, so the next step after your education is to build up a reputation. In order to do that, you need to work within a similar capacity. For instance, you can create content or work in PR in a company if you plan on teaching business English one day. If you gain experience in the marketing field you can conduct workshops in B2B sales training in Melbourne someday. Network like mad and keep honing your skills; you never know when an opportunity is going to come around.

Getting and Handling Jobs

The few people who are extremely well-known and have worked in the industry for decades can afford to have one distinctive style no matter where they are speaking. If you are just starting out, then you will need to adapt depending on the company. If you are lecturing to marketing planning, you will need to keep a light tone, use catchy phrases but be serious as well. If you are talking to an internet company start up about corporate ethics then don’t take yourself too seriously or you risk coming off as an authority figure to authority hating millennials. So adjust yourself accordingly and always keep an eye out for opportunities. Keep updating your knowledge and learn how to get your name across to someone without them knowing it.