Tips For Selecting The Right Exposition Booth For Your Show

Therefore creating custom solutions are the best way to communicate your real brand identity to your customers and get their attention.
Taking part in expositions and conventions are some of the best ways to gain brand recognition and also to build relationships with prospective clients. They are a great way for customers to directly interact with the products and services the company offers.
In order to achieve company goals, the booth that is selected or used need to be carefully thought through. They should be attractive but not at the expense of company budgets. Selecting the wrong type of booth or creating the wrong atmosphere can really impact the business negatively. Therefore it is important that the organisation carefully look at the following in deciding on the exhibition stand design in order to really attract the customers while staying within the organisational objectives.

  • Understand your customer: before heading to an agency or a supplier of booths, it is important that you understand your customer or the potential customers. You need to know what their likes and dislikes are and why they would be visiting such a convention or an exposition. Understanding the target audience is key in attracting them to your booth.
  • Reasons for taking part in the show: organisations take part in these expositions for various reasons. Some look to create brand awareness, while some look to increase sales or acquire new customers. Some smaller companies like start-ups will actually participate to introduce their new products and services. Therefore having a clear understanding of your objectives will help you get that custom build exhibition stand you need to attract the right customers to your space.
  • Rent or buy : if you are a start-up then renting your first booth is probably the best way to go, but if you are looking towards the future, chances are you will be taking part in many more conventions and expositions in the future. In that case investing in a good solution will be beneficial for the organisation in terms of cost as well. However since one standard structure may not be flexible enough, it is recommended that a bespoke solution be looked at.
  • Staff accommodation: a booth on its own will not do the trick. Obviously you need several staff members to play different roles throughout the event while staying within the booth. Therefore it is important that you take in to consideration their accommodation as they will need to have comfortable seating and space to fulfil their roles.
  • Budget: it is always important to work within an allocated budget. This could include purchasing or renting a booth and other expenses that will have to be incurred after the exposition is over as well. There might be transport and labour costs that will have to be borne, therefore a clear budget allocation is required to hold a successful exposition, that will benefit the organisation.
    These are some basic factors that need to be considered in making sure that your marketing efforts in terms of expositions are made successful.